Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I was 12 years old when we went to play at the Smithers Winter Carnival in 1968. And they had to outfit us with special rubber soles which fit over our black shoes so we wouldn't slip on the ice. Also, we did a couple practice runs on our own rink back home at Lejac so we knew what it would be like marching on ice. And another thing, it was the last year we had an all-fife band. Because the next year they introduced a whole new line of brass instruments to our ranks such as the trombone, sax, trumpets, clarinets and the French horn.

At Smithers, they billeted us out to families where we stayed for the two days over that Carnival weekend. Smithers was so exciting for a lot of us young boys who never been to such a big town before!

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