Saturday, June 2, 2012

On Operation Reindeer

Verne, I have been following your blog faithfully checking in every few days. Operation Reindeer never went to Lejac, they concentrated all their efforts on the school in Whitehorse, which I think was called Lower Post IRS. They used to fly from Prince George in a DC-3 to Whitehorse. I think it was a Lion's club effort. I asked one of the sale-smen who used to come to Lejac if we could get something going for Lejac and subsequently he
took it upon himself to start the Scrooge & Marley Club. There sole function was to donate their time and money to put on a Christmas Party for the boys and girls of Lejac. They also paid for sleeping bags so we could go camping. They were a very kind bunch of business people. Keep up the good work.
Peace, Jim (thank you Jim for your comments)

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